Top Fox personalities turn out in force against Trump; Leave @megynkelly alone!

The showdown swirling around Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump’s ongoing feud is only heating up after a steady stream of Fox News‘ hosts — including some of the networks’ prime-time stars — took to Twitter to defend Kelly.

Bill Hemmer who co-anchored “America’s Newsroom” with Kelly simply warned, “Easy, Mr. Trump” on Monday.

The usually chipper meteorologist, Janice Dean, took a more direct approach, calling Trump’s antics “unpresidential” with a note that read “This needs to stop.”

Host of “Special Report” Bret Baier echoed Dean’s sentiment.

All anchors cited the Trump online tirade that took place Monday night after Megyn Kelly returned from vacation to host “The Kelly File.” Trump, still mad over the way he was treated at the Republican debates – by Kelly in particular – unleashed a series of disparaging tweets against the popular Fox News show host.

Apparently, a quickly growing number of Kelly’s co-workers are becoming weary of Trump’s antics.

Sean Hannity is perhaps the biggest Fox personality to come out in defense of Kelly, even though he has been complimentary toward Trump in the past.

Andy Levy of Fox’s late night show “Red Eye” and Fox contributor, Guy Benson, also got in on the action.

The tweets backing Kelly only ignited the rift between Trump supporters and detractors, and the online squabble took on a life of its own:

Now that would be great for ratings. Not that Kelly needs a boost, but Fox could sell pay-per-view tickets to see Trump interviewed on “The Kelly File.”

You can bet someone is working on it somewhere. But don’t hold your breath it will ever happen.


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