St. Louis mom has 2 CHOICE words for black critics of her epic anti-Black Lives Matter rant

jamylaThe St. Louis mom, who unleashed a viral rant against the Black Lives Matter movement, is standing her ground on “truth” amid a bitter backlash.

Peggy Hubbard spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon and offered a two-word answer to the nasty responses she’s received for speaking her mind: “Bite me.”

Hubbard’s powerful outpouring against the BLM movement came after the last wave of St. Louis protests against police. She called out rioters for defending “a thug,” instead of an innocent 9-year-old girl black girl who was killed in her home from a drive-by shooting.

Hubbard told Lemon the Black Lives Matter is putting communities and law enforcement officers at risk because police are afraid to act. She acknowledged there are some officers who give a bad name to law enforcement, but rejects the notion that all police are corrupt and racist.

Hubbard said the fact that her hometown streets were filled with people “hollering ‘black lives matter,’” while young Jamyla Bolden’s senseless death was being ignored, set her off.

“Her life mattered, her dreams mattered,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said the man who was shot by police “had his chance to matter.”

“He chose his path, he chose his destiny.”

“Jamyla had never got her destiny,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said her critics are lashing out because “the truth hurts” and added, “deep down, they know I am telling the truth.”


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