Poetic justice! Florida sheriff pens a mocking poem for fugitive who taunted his deputies

polkcounty0825Talk about an epic fail!

A Florida sheriff who’d had it with a 21-year-old armed burglary’s suspect’s Facebook posting taunting deputies for being unable to find him turned his own hand to poetry and taught the guy a hard lesson:

Some people like $500 more than they like loser “friends.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd was on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to explain how fugitive Logan Hale made the “epic fail” decision to write a couplet on the sheriff’s Facebook page.

And how the sheriff’s office responded in kind.

Let’s just say Hale is no longer a free man, thanks to a reward the sheriff’s office offered for someone to turn him in.

Check out the rest of Judd’s poetry reading here.  


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