Missouri woman shocked to find Donald Trump’s face in her organic ‘butter’ tub

TrumpDonald Trump is everywhere these days, but this appearance takes the cake.

A Missouri woman said she was shocked to find the 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner’s face staring back at her from her tub of Earth Origins Organic Spread from Trader Joe’s.

“I’m just tired of seeing his face everywhere,” Jan Castellano, 63, told The Daily Beast. “And I open up my butter and there he is!”

Cant Believe Not Trump

“He’s everywhere and now he’s in my food products,” she said. “It was just staring right back at me.”

According to Castellano, the image bears an uncanny resemblance to “The Donald.”

“He’s so animated,” she said. “Whether he’s angry or whether he’s trying to make a point. All the cameras seem to capture him with his mouth kind of open and his eyes scrunched.”

Castellano said she considered selling the spread container on eBay, but has decided to keep it for now.

Carmine Sabia

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Carmine Sabia


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