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‘Flip’ Obama calls his opponents ‘crazies,’ but social media flips it right back!

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obama0825A second-term president spewing insults is an embarrassment to his country and his party, but the White House isn’t worried at all about fallout from President Obama calling his opponents “crazies.”

President Obama was just being “a little flip,” a White House spokesman told reporters aboard Air Force One Tuesday.

Eric Schultz was trying to provide some cover for his boss, who told a crowd at Las Vegas fundraiser Monday night that he and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has spent some time together in the gambling state “figuring out how we’re going to deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.”

The Dem donors got a big laugh out of the line, no doubt.

But regular Americans, who happen to disagree with the president on everything from his insane energy policies to his even more insane nuclear deal with the murderous mullahs in Tehran didn’t take kindly to the slap.

This is the same president who said opponents of the nuclear deal are making common cause with the mobs who chant “death to America” on a seemingly daily basis in the utopia of the Islamist Republic.

And conservatives on social media Tuesday made their disgust clear.  

Oh yeah, and Chuck Schumer too? If you disagree with the president, you must be crazy. Kind of like in the old Soviet Union.  

And speaking of the old days ….

That was a long, long time ago, Doug.


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