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Clash of egos: O’Reilly, Trump battle, but who’s right on deportation?

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o madDonald Trump went toe to toe with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Monday over the presidential contender’s controversial plans to deport illegal aliens out of the U.S.

O’Reilly used his airtime with Trump to repeatedly insist that there must be “a better way” to handle illegal immigration other than implementing mass deportation.

“We have no laws anymore,” Trump said. “We have no order. We don’t even know how many people are in here illegally.”

O’Reilly pulled at Trump’s heart strings by describing a scenario in which an illegal immigrant family with young children would hypothetically be visited by ICE agents, put in a detention center, and subsequently deported.

“You’re willing to do that?” O’Reilly challenged.

“I don’t want to do it,” Trump said, but maintained “we have no choice.”

Trump stuck to his position that certain immigrants will be able to apply to re-enter the U.S. legally, but pointed out that there are countless dangerous criminals within U.S. borders who need to go – permanently.

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“These are tough dudes,” Trump said. “If I’m elected, they’re going to be out of here day one. We’re going to get them the hell out of our country. They’re going to be out so fast your head will spin.”

O’Reilly remained skeptical.

“I can’t possibly see how the courts… are going to allow federal agents to kick the doors in and drag people out,” O’Reilly said.

Trump pointed to Mexico’s tough immigration laws, and vowed that adherence to similar U.S. laws would happen under his watch.

The real estate mogul argued that he has a “bigger heart” than any other presidential contender, but said “we have a country that’s totally out of control.”



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