Charlie Daniels’ scathing letter to Congress: GOP leaders should burn with shame

charliedaniels0825Country music legend Charlie Daniels has never made any secret of his contempt for politics as usual, but his open letter to Congress Tuesday made the point like never before.

Using the blunt talk he’s famous for, Daniels first sketched a brief history of courage in the United States armed forces – from the colonial days to the present.

The history of this nation is written in the blood and courage of men who stood in the face of overwhelming odds – politicians, soldiers, statesmen and ordinary citizens who sought to do the right thing regardless of the cost or the consequences.

Then he made the point that anything like that courage is missing from the halls of Congress today. The letter never mentions particular parties, and it would be easy to read it as indictment of President Obama and his Democrats, but that would be ignoring the responsibility of Republicans.

As conservatives know, it’s the Republican “opposition” party that has allowed President Obama and his minority Democrats to continue their untrammeled attack on American liberty after American voters gave the GOP control of both houses of Congress.

You don’t even have the courage to face down an out of control president, even when he makes a deal with the devil. Don’t you bunch of timid capons even care what kind of world you’re leaving to your children and grandchildren, not to even mention the rest of us? Are you really party partisans before your parents and grandparents or even human beings?

And he backed it all up with a list of accusations that echoed the grievances of the Declaration of Independence against King George III.

Here’s part of it:

You have allowed Obama to tilt the Supreme Court so far to the left that they’re little more than a shameful extension of the Executive Branch.

You have talked for decades about the porous southern border but have done absolutely nothing about it.

You have allowed cities in this nation to declare themselves sanctuary cities where they protect the worst of the worst criminal aliens, and American citizens are paying an awful price for your silence.

You watch an impossible National Debt balloon completely out of control, knowing full well that a day of reckoning is coming that will seriously curtail the quality of life for coming generations.

You allow corrupt government agencies like the IRS to run over the very people you are sworn to protect and allow the entitlement society to expand exponentially. All the while, you are actually entertaining the idea of raising taxes on those who still work and shoulder the burden.

And here’s the killer:

You’ve violated your oaths; you’ve betrayed your country; you’ve feathered your nests; and you’ve sat on your hands while an imperial president has rubbed your noses in the dirt time after time.

Every member of Congress, from either party, should be reading this in shame.

But for Republicans it should be burning.


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