‘Bimbo back in town’: Trump mercilessly trolls Megyn Kelly on her return from vacation


Donald Trump isn’t letting up on Megyn Kelly for an instant.

Kelly returned Monday night from an 11-day vacation, and Trump mercilessly trolled her throughout her show “The Kelly File” on Fox News.

Trump jabbed at Kelly, suggesting she take another “unscheduled” vacation, implying that her absence may have resulted from the controversy following Kelly’s confrontation with Trump at the GOP debate.  Fox News vehemently denied that the break was related to Trump.

During and just after Kelly’s show, Trump continued to tweet and retweet criticisms, even quoting a tweet which called Kelly a “bimbo.”

Liberal-leaning National Journal reporter Rob Fournier definitely had a problem with Trump’s online commentary, calling him “not a decent man,” which brought liberals crawling out of the woodwork to pile on the “nasty, brutish, and rich” bandwagon.

Even conservative blogger Guy Benson took issue with Trump’s continued attacks against Kelly.

One thing is certain: if you cross Trump, be prepared to hear about it for a very long time.

Steve Berman


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