Trump futures soar as stock markets stumble

The worse the markets, the better for Donald Trump. That may sound oxymoronic, but the billionaire presidential candidate knows his political future is on Main Street, not […]

‘Flip’ Obama calls his opponents ‘crazies,’ but social media flips it right back!

A second-term president spewing insults is an embarrassment to his country and his party, but the White House isn’t worried at all about fallout from President Obama […]

Crazy video! Woman goes bonkers in public after getting dumped via text

A woman who was dumped via text message went into a maniac temper tantrum on a busy Honk Kong street and became an Internet celebrity. After the […]

Poetic justice! Florida sheriff pens a mocking poem for fugitive who taunted his deputies

Talk about an epic fail! A Florida sheriff who’d had it with a 21-year-old armed burglary’s suspect’s Facebook posting taunting deputies for being unable to find him […]

Charlie Daniels’ scathing letter to Congress: GOP leaders should burn with shame

Country music legend Charlie Daniels has never made any secret of his contempt for politics as usual, but his open letter to Congress Tuesday made the point […]

Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson injects jaw-dropping stats into ‘anchor baby’ fight

Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson revealed “fascinating” – and worrisome – statistics surrounding the issues of illegal immigration and birthright citizenship. According to the US Census Bureau and […]

Fox News CEO’s blast for Megyn lights up Trump-Fox feud; ‘The Donald’ fires right back

The ongoing fight between Republican front-runner Donald Trump and the nation’s No. 1 cable news network heated up again Monday as Fox News’ heaviest gun started firing […]

Top Fox personalities turn out in force against Trump; Leave @megynkelly alone!

The showdown swirling around Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump’s ongoing feud is only heating up after a steady stream of Fox News‘ hosts — including some of […]

Small town outraged as school removes ‘Head of Christ’ over atheist sniping

Caving to the complaints of a national atheist group — and bitterly disappointing its own community — a Kansas school district has removed a picture of Jesus […]

Brainy star of ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Blossom’ blows the whistle on Hollywood liberals

The woman who stars in one of television’s most popular sitcoms is a working mom with a Ph.D., and zero respect for Hollywood’s treatment of religious beliefs. […]

Hilarious, popular ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ Halloween costume has libs SHRIEKING

The inevitable “Call Me Caitlyn” Halloween costume is finally on the shelves, and liberals are throwing a fit. Costume vendor Spirit Halloween is under fire from transgender […]

12-year-old trips, catches fall by putting hole in 350-year-old oil painting worth $1.5 million

In what is likely the most expensive loss of balance in history, a young boy attempted to stop himself from falling by putting his hand out and […]

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