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Wisconsin is a state really in trouble because of Scott Walker, says Trump

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump had some pointed criticism for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on the Sunday talk show circuit.

Trump called in to ABC’s “This Week,” where host George Stephanopoulos, pointing to a number of headlines, said Walker was trying to “out-Trump” the real estate tycoon in an effort to reinvigorate his own campaign.

When asked if he was worried, Trump offered a no-holds-barred assessment of his GOP presidential opponent.

“Well I’m not worried because his state is really in trouble,” he said. “It’s a fantastic place, I love the people of Wisconsin, but if you look at what’s going on, they have a $2.2 billion deficit.”

The business magnate pointed to “tremendous division” throughout the state and said roads are not being built properly.

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“[Walker] stopped a lot of work because he didn’t want to raise taxes,” he added. “So instead of raising taxes, he’s borrowing to the hilt and his state is over-leveraged.”

But Trump said he was flattered that Walker is trying to emulate him.

“I’m honored that he wants to copy me, and he’s a nice man,” Trump said, adding that he contributed to Walker’s campaign when he was running for governor. But, he said, Walker’s state “has not performed well.”

Trump summed it up by saying America needs someone to make the country perform well — suggesting he was the man to do just that. Naturally.

Here is the full “This Week” interview, with the remarks on Walker beginning at the 6:50 minute mark

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