Video: Wasserman Schultz declares ‘anchor babies’ VULGAR term – unless Newsweek says it about Obama

Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz can’t even speak the words “anchor babies,” calling the term vulgar in a video clip posted by USA Today on Saturday.

Speaking to an audience at the Iowa State Fair, the holier-than-thou DNC chair blasted Donald Trump’s attitude toward illegal immigrants. “I can’t even use the vulgar term that he has used and Jeb Bush has doubled down on and many of the Republican candidates have called children of immigrants who are not the vulgar word they’ve used, but citizens,” she said.

The Examiner notes:

Ironically, Barack Obama was called an “anchor baby” by Newsweek just a few months before being dubbed “god of all things.” At the time, Wasserman Schultz didn’t have a problem with the term. In addition to Obama, Newsweek listed Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Eric Holder.

The term wasn’t considered “vulgar” in 2010, so what happened? The reason is left-wing political correctness, driven by hyper-partisan politics and special interest groups. Newsbusters’ Clay Waters said the New York Times discouraged the use of the phrase after the American Heritage Dictionary labeled it “offensive” due to pressure from advocacy groups.

Wasserman Schultz praised the Black Lives Matter movement in her pandering speech and took credit for removing the “hateful” Confederate flag.

“I’m proud of the young people who have been pushing the Black Lives Matter movement,” she declared. “We brought the Confederate flag down. We made sure that symbols of hate are unacceptable in America.”

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