Passenger live-tweets couple’s awkward mid-air break-up; ‘greatest plane delay ever’

Talk about an awkward atmosphere.

It’s hard to say who’s the bigger heel, the guy breaking up with his girlfriend on an airplane or the onlooker live-tweeting the emotional drama.

And if breaking up with a significant other on an airplane is a must, it would be wise to do it when the plane is descending for a landing, not when first taking off.

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A flight departing from Raleigh Airport in North Carolina was experiencing a delay when the dramatic scene began to unfold, according to Fox News. And that’s when a person sitting in the same aisle started posting a blow-by-blow take on a Twitter account registered to Kelly Keegs — with a heckuva twist at the end.

“This is the greatest plane delay I’ve ever had,” the person posted at one point, clearly enjoying the show.

*Caution: Strong Language

And now for the twist… perhaps the whole thing was a lead up to make-up sex? As Jerry Seinfeld once said, make-up sex is the “best feature” of a relationship, unless you’re sent to prison and have a conjugal visit.

Love conquers all.


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