Flashback video: Hillary lectures on dangers of private email accounts being hacked

clinton-net-securityDuring a speech she delivered in 2011 on the subject of Internet security following the WikiLeaks incident, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that a problem with private email accounts is that they are open to hackers.

During her remarks, titled “Internet Rights and Wrongs: Choices & Challenges in a Networked World,” which she delivered at George Washington University, she said:

Finding this proper measure for the internet is critical because the qualities that make the internet a force for unprecedented progress – its openness, its leveling effect, its reach and speed – also enable wrongdoing on an unprecedented scale. Terrorists and extremist groups use the internet to recruit members, and plot and carry out attacks. Human traffickers use the internet to find and lure new victims into modern-day slavery. Child pornographers use the internet to exploit children. Hackers break into financial institutions, cell phone networks, and personal email accounts.

So we need successful strategies for combating these threats and more without constricting the openness that is the internet’s greatest attribute.


Clinton has been the focus of a scandal for her exclusive use of a private email account on a private server, for her official State Department business.

Watch the clip.

H/T: Jeryl Bier, The Weekly Standard


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