Leaked emails show the heat on sponsor of Ramadan party on 9/11; ‘you’ll have to live with it’

A Ramadan “unity” dinner in Michigan that outraged Americans because it was set for Sept. 11 has been rescheduled, but the sponsors of the outrage can’t hide. […]

Howard Stern denies he called Trump to tip him off about Megyn Kelly interview

Radio shock jock Howard Stern threw cold water last week on a liberal magazine’s attempt to restoke the brief but high-profile feud between Fox News and Republican […]

Grace Jones
Topless 67-year-old Grace Jones just shouldn’t have! Wrong on so many levels

This is not the type of topless performance most people go to see in New York City. Grace Jones, 67, who rose to fame in the 1980s […]

School that banned American flag claims it was all just a misunderstanding

It didn’t take long for a Tennessee school district that banned all flags, including the American flag, to find itself under pressure from the American people. Dickson […]

Cyclist kicked out of race for latching on to a car; what was he thinking?

There’s more than one way to cheat in a major cycling competition. Former U.S. cyclist Lance Armstrong disgraced himself and his country by using performance enhancing drugs […]

Detroit residents follow police chief’s recommendation to arm themselves

Residents of one of America’s most crime-ridden cities are getting guns for self-defense — with the blessing of the city’s chief of police. In 2013 Detroit’s top […]

CAIR demands apology from Scott Walker for so-called ‘anti-Muslim’ remarks

The Muslim propagandists at the Council on American-Islamic Relations are trying to stir up trouble for Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker over remarks he made about radical […]

Passenger live-tweets couple’s awkward mid-air break-up; ‘greatest plane delay ever’

Talk about an awkward atmosphere. It’s hard to say who’s the bigger heel, the guy breaking up with his girlfriend on an airplane or the onlooker live-tweeting […]

‘Killer’: Mark Cuban’s ‘2-minute guide to understanding Donald’

To understand what drives Republican front-runner Donald Trump, you have to understand one characteristic that can mean the difference between victory and defeat in politics: The killer […]

Video: Man whose sister was paralyzed in car accident chases down wasted driver to get her off road

After watching the video, you’re sure to agree that it’s a miracle a thoroughly wasted woman didn’t kill someone before finally stopping her vehicle. An Ohio man […]

‘Creepy’ Starbucks customer comes up with cunning scam to get free drink every day of the year

While a Starbucks customer may be clever in a diabolical sort of way, he’s certainly not winning over the baristas in the process. A man in the […]

Flashback video: Hillary lectures on dangers of private email accounts being hacked

During a speech she delivered in 2011 on the subject of Internet security following the WikiLeaks incident, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that a problem with […]

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