‘Read my lips’: Ben Carson finally loses patience with CNN’s badgering

carson-cnnRepublican presidential contender Ben Carson is known for a quiet demeanor, but even his temperament was tested during a news talk show Sunday.

CNN host Jim Acosta asked the retired neurosurgeon about a recent comment he made regarding the use of drones to help secure the border with Mexico.

“You look at some of these caves and things out there one drone strike, boom, and they’re gone,” Carson said Tuesday in Phoenix, following a helicopter tour of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Responding to Acosta’s inference that he was suggesting using drones to kill people, Carson said that was not the case.

“In no way, did I suggest that drones be used to kill people,” he said. “And I said that to the media at the time.”

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Carson then lectured Acosta about the media’s behavior.

“I hope we have some responsible media which actually focuses on the problem,” he said.

But Acosta wasn’t going to be deterred. After Carson stressed that he was talking about using drones to eliminate caves used as hiding places by the drug cartels, the CNN host again twisted the candidate’s words as if he were referring to people.

“Read my lips,” Carson said emphatically. “Read my lips.”

He then painstakingly repeated what he had said earlier that he wasn’t talking about killing people, but eliminating the caves. Very slowly.

The full interview can be seen here, with the comments on drones beginning at the 2 minute mark.

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