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‘Meet the Press’ video skewers Hillary’s evolving email alibis

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clinton-emailAnd you too, NBC?

The news division of the peacock network is the latest to turn its back on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton over her increasingly indefensible claims that she was not at fault over her email debacle.

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd ran a montage of Clinton’s evolving story, which is giving her upside-down poll numbers for honesty.

“Hillary Clinton’s email troubles have grown from something she tried to dismiss as nothing more than Republican partisanship, to a saga that has pulled down her poll numbers and encouraged very real talk about Joe Biden getting into the race,” Todd said.

“With her campaign in full damage control mode this week, let’s take a look at how her position on this email debacle, frankly, has evolved over recent months.”

This included her remarks about never sending nor receiving classified information over the server and how the server would “remain” private, both of which were not true.

The latest evidence denying Clinton’s claims have come from the Obama administration’s Federal Bureau of Investigation and the non-partisan inspectors general at the State Department and the nation’s intelligence agencies.

When spliced together like this, it’s reminiscent of Jon Lovitz’s recurring character, “The Liar” in “Saturday Night Live.”

Watch “She’s Got Mail,” via NBC News.


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