Leftist conspiracy in overdrive; Jeb’s PAC stole a black man’s body?

One of the drawbacks in running for the White House for Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush is that he must deal with the remnants of Bush derangement syndrome, a symptom that was in high gear following the release of a badly Photoshopped campaign flier.

Right to Rise, a super PAC that supports Bush, announced Friday that it was sending out a flier to Iowa voters, prompting critics on the left to suggest the former Florida governor’s head was Photoshopped onto a black man’s body, according to the Daily Mail.

The mailer shows Bush standing before a stock photo of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and includes the caption: “Why Jeb?”

A close examination of Bush’s image appears to show one of his hands being significantly darker than the other.


The mystery was enough for liberal media outfits like Think Progress and Raw Story to accuse Bush of stealing a black man’s body.

“Millions of dollars cannot do the work of one good Photo-shopper. Jeb Bush is still white,” wrote Raw Story’s Alan Yuhas.

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Really? Did the super PAC really think they could fool voters into thinking Jeb is black?

It turns out that while the super PAC owned up to the poor workmanship, there is no vast right-wing  conspiracy.

The Daily Mail reported that Right to Rise spokesman Paul Lindsay pointed out a tweet he posted showing the original photo of Bush, where a woman can be seen standing next to the candidate casting a shadow on his seemingly darkened hand.

Proving they haven’t lost their sense of humor, and taking advantage of the opportunity to get a shot in at potential Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Lindsay noted that they’re “not deleting it from our servers.”


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