‘Cheers’ actress, Clint Eastwood pal, spells it out: No D-E-M is getting her vote

The eventual Republican nominee can count on the vote of at least one Hollywood celebrity.

Actress Kirstie Alley, who famously played Rebecca Howe on “Cheers,” tweeted Sunday that she “won’t be voting the party that starts with the letters D E M.”

Weeks ago Alley raved about the performances of several GOP candidates at the first Republican debate for the 2016 nomination on Aug. 7, which she live tweeted.

While she didn’t say she’d be voting for a Republican at the time, she did give strong hints that she liked what she heard. And it isn’t the first time Alley has gone off the Hollywood reservation.

After Clint Eastwood mocked the “empty chair” Obama presidency on national television at the 2012 Republican convention, Alley was one of the few big Hollywood names to back him up.

Now, however, she is blatantly admitting she won’t be voting for a Democrat.

A dangerous statement to make in Hollywood.

Many on Twitter loved what she had to say, but there were also some left-wingers who couldn’t believe those words coming from a member of Tinsel Town’s elite.

And some of the tweets for the “party of tolerance” were beyond the pale.

There were plenty of attacks on Allie, but we’ll let this one speak for them all.

The war on women continues. And it’s not the Republicans fighting it.


Carmine Sabia


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