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‘Black Lives Matter’ textbook spins history for 6th-graders, and it’s Common Core ready!

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Larry ElderAs if Common Core wasn’t bad enough, a new textbook might be coming to your local school to indoctrinate American kids.

Conservative radio host and author Larry Elder appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday to discuss the sixth-grade to high school level textbook, “Black Lives Matter (Special Reports).”

The book, written by Duchess Harris who specializes in “black feminism” as an associate professor of American studies at Macalester College in Minnesota, and author Sue Bradford Edwards, “covers the shootings that touched off passionate protests, the work of activists to bring about a more just legal system, and the tensions in US society that these events have brought to light,” according to ABDO publishing.

As any good left-wing radical book should be, it is “aligned to Common Core Standards,” ABDO brags.

Elder said the book has nothing to do with education and everything to do with indoctrination.

“It’s indoctrinating young kids, teaching them that black people are victims and, by the way, you, as white people, ought to feel really, really guilty about it,” Elder said. “Never mind the election, and re-election, of a black president.”

Elder said the conversation ought to be about the real issue which is “the implosion of the black family.”

“Obama said if you grow up without a father you’re five times more likely to be poor, nine time more likely to drop out of school [and] 20 times more likely to end up in jail,” he said.

“And the reason for the implosion of the black family are left-wing policies that have encouraged women to marry the government and men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility.”

Carmine Sabia


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