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When this box truck hits the underpass you will GASP – whatever you think, it’s worse!

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What’s the definition of “insanity”?

The low, 10-foot, 6-inch vertical clearance of a notorious Westwood, Massachusetts, underpass ripped an empty produce truck to smithereens this week, according to Boston ABC affiliate WCVB -5 news.

Watch the truck approach at the 1:15 mark.

It happens all the time.

“It’s pretty scary,” Scott Charland told the TV station. “We heard the impact, and the first thing you think is, is everybody OK?”

Fifteen crashes were reported at the underpass in 2014, including one involving a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus.

“I have lived here my whole life, and at this point we are just used to it,” resident Stephanie Murphy told Channel 5. “There was a cement truck before that blocked the whole road. There have been oil trucks. So, yeah, it can be really hazardous.”

One has to wonder why such a hazardous situation is allowed to continue.

Watch the news report via WCVB.


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