THIS nationwide protest happened in 300 cities today, but the press won’t tell you about it

In the wake of horrendous images, Saturday was marked as a day of nationwide protest, where pro-lifers and even disgusted pro-choicers came together to demonstrate outside the offices and clinics of PlannedParenthood Federation of America.

The Center for Medical Progress has been periodically releasing undercover footage of Planned Parenthood executives placing organs harvested from aborted fetuses on the open market — each more horrific than the last.

Using the hashtag #ProtestPP, they shared their photos and experiences on Twitter. Here’s a sampling:

Orlando, Florida reportedly turned out 500 for the event:

Not everyone who wanted to attend could be there — but they could still showed their thanks to those who did.

No matter how small.

In addition to photos, some used the hashtag to post inspirational messages:

Some states defunded Planned Parenthood years ago. Still others are taking steps to defund the abortion giant in response to the undercover footage that;s been released.

But to really stick it to the organization, Congress needs to join the movement and cut off the over half-billion dollars in federal taxpayer funds it sends them each year.


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