‘That’s my brother talking’: THIS note explains America’s Trump-LOVE and you won’t believe who wrote it

Chris Matthews could stand to learn a thing or two from his brother Charlie.

This week the uber-liberal MSNBC host shared a note on air, written by his brother, that reveals the secret of Donald Trump’s success.

Because Charlie Matthews has “a lifetime, uncanny ability to pick presidential winners — who he votes for wins,” Matthews said, he’s taking his brother’s observations very seriously.

The note reads:

“Trump has energized the middle, and the middle is where every winner wins. The idiots who think that the far right and the far left have to be kowtowed to are wrong. He’s talking to people like me, and we love it. We’re not idiots, and we realize this may be a fairy tale.

But he’s not stuck in the Washington crowd, who most of us Republicans know as RINOs hate — that’s moderate Republicans. We hate the logjams the Republican Party creates. We hated the last two elections, as the candidates sucked.

The VP selections were awful.  Flat-out unelectable. We voted for Obama, who has, on all accounts, been much better than the choices we had. But he still missed the mark on a lot of stuff, much better than Bush and the VP, of course, [Matthews said here that his brother was talking about Dick Cheney] whose name we will not speak outside of Hogwarts.”


“That’s my brother talking,” Chris Matthews said with amusement.

H/T: The Blaze


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