Pro-Jeb plane flies anti-Trump banner across Trump’s Bama rally and it BACKFIRES big time

Trump plane

Maybe size does matter.

Fellow 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush tried to steal Donald Trump’s thunder in Mobile, Alabama, on Friday, but the move proved to be full of hot air.

As Trump electrified the largest crowd of the presidential campaign season to date, the pro-Bush Right to Rise super-PAC launched a banner message to fly over the event on a small plane.

Trump takes Bama by storm! See highlights.

The message read “Trump 4 Higher Taxes, Jeb 4 Prez.”

Political observer Lisa B. summed up the problem in one tweet: “Never ever try to upstage Trump. Out think him, yes; but upstage him? Not gonna happen.”

Like clockwork, the action was the subject of imitation and mockery by clever users of social media:


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