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‘No, my floatie!’ Bear pool party talk of the town

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Bear Pool PartyA New Jersey pool party of sorts is making the rounds on the Internet, and for all the right reasons.

No, it doesn’t show kids getting into a confrontation with police or display scantily clad women, but it does reveal what may be the most photogenic, albeit dangerous, summer party of the season.

The Basso family, of Rockaway Township, peered out their window to find a mother bear and her five cubs swimming and splashing in the family pool and even playing with their children’s pool toys.

After Tim Basso made certain that his wife, children and dog were all safe inside the home, his wife started to record the scene while the family joined her and watched at the window, WABC-TV reported.

“No, my floatie!” one of the children, who was none to happy about his furry guests, shouts in the video.

“They came in, they experienced the pool, they got it, they seemed to enjoy themselves. They did a little bit of damage on the pool toys and floats and whatnot, but all in all I don’t think it was a terrible experience,” Basso told WABC.

As cute as the incident may have seemed, police said keeping your distance from dangerous animals is best.

“Like any mother, human or animal, they’re protective of their young. Just follow common-sense thinking. They’re still wild animals, not toys,” Police Chief Martin McParland told WABC.

Watch the entire two-part video below:

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