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MSNBC’s ignorant question of the day: Did any black people show up at Trump’s ‘Redneck Riviera’ rally?

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In an age of taking offense over the slightest grievance, the liberal media continue to declare open season on white Americans from the South.

While guffawing over a turnout of tens of thousands at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, on Friday evening to see Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, MSNBC host Chris Matthews referred to the area as the “Redneck Rivera.”

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Proving that the left struggles to look beyond the color of one’s skin, Matthews took care to ask NBC reporter Katy Tur about the racial makeup of Trump’s supporters.

“Are there any black people there?” he asked.

Two black men can be seen in a tight still shot of an NBC report on the rally, but apparently they escaped Tur’s notice.

“I have not seen any today that have come out for Donald Trump,” she replied.

“I spoke with a lot of people at lunch today, and they were all, to be blunt, Caucasian white people who expressed support,” she added. “The others did not.”

Maybe she just didn’t want to see the “others.”

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