Conservative heavyweights Ingraham and Krauthammer spar over ‘anchor babies’

ingraham-krauthammerIt’s not often that the venerable Charles Krauthammer gets schooled on an issue, but conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham did her best Friday while discussing “anchor babies.”

The issue of children born on U.S. soil to illegal immigrant parents continues to dominate the news cycle since being raised by Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and Krauthammer and Ingraham offered their takes during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

Krauthammer argued that the issue of anchor babies or birthright citizenship is a “sideshow” because if the border is secure, the numbers will dwindle. He said the babies are not the issue but the laws, which can be changed.

“There’s quite a debate about whether the 14th Amendment has to be repealed,” Ingraham countered. “I know a lot of people glibly say. … That’s not actually been settled, and you could do a whole hour on the jurisprudence surrounding that.”

“It’s been around for 150 years,” Krauthammer interjected.

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“Well, we actually didn’t have a problem with illegal immigration in the 1800s, as we know,” she replied. “That wasn’t an issue. It was directed at the [former] slaves, who did deserve to stay here. So, it really was an important clause, and the author of the clause, Howard Jacob, said it didn’t apply to foreigners in the United States.”

Ingraham then turned the focus on Trump, and on why so many people support him.

“Trump’s rise annoys a lot of people in this town, and I get it,” she said before adding that politicians have failed the middle class.

“They’re [the middle class] ready to throw in with the guy who has all these conflicting positions maybe because the guys who said they were going to be consistent weren’t,” Ingraham said. “And they’re not fighting for the people.”

Krauthammer responded: “It’s easy to go and attack Washington, and it’s a clever dodge.”

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