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Would you have pepper-sprayed her? Video of Occupy protester’s arrest gets court’s attention

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ows-pepper-sprayVideo of police pepper-spraying an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator who resisted arrest in 2011 despite continuous warnings to comply is now being used to allow her to sue New York City.

And some social media users — particularly New Yorkers who had to live through the demonstrations — are disgusted.

The video, apparently shot by a bystander, depicts the officers’ four-minute attempt, without success, to place protester Imani Brown under arrest before finally resorting to the use of pepper spray.

The first court to hear Brown’s lawsuit dismissed the case, but three-judge appeals court has overturned the decision, according to the New York Daily News. The court ruled that whether the officers used excessive force should be up to a jury to decide.

The dissenting opinion by Judge Dennis Jacobs was scornful. The Daily News reported:

“The only excessive features of this case are the elaborate constitutionalization of the routine arrest of a disorderly individual, the unfair attack on the professional reputation of two NYPD officers, the absurd waste of judicial time that has ensued and will follow on remand, and the imposition on the valuable time of jurors,” Jacobs wrote.

Watch the video of the arrest, via the Daily News.

Social media users were scornful.

Let’s see that guy on the jury.


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