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St. Louis mayor: ‘Imagine this week without all the guns’

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The mayor of St. Louis recited the typical left-wing mantra after the area was rocked by two shootings this week.

Mayor Francis G. Slay told his Twitter followers Thursday to “imagine this week without all the guns” and called for “common-sense gun laws.”

On Tuesday a shooting claimed the life of a 9-year old girl, Jamyla Bolden, who was shot while doing homework on her mother’s bed in Ferguson, Missouri.

On Thursday riots broke out in St. Louis after another shooting took the life of Mansur Ball-Bey, 18, who police said was shot and killed while pointing a gun at them in a crack house.

Naturally, like any good liberal, Slay didn’t focus on the criminal who killed a 9-year-old or the criminal who aimed a gun at police, but on the guns themselves, as if they chose their targets and fired themselves.

The mayor was roundly blasted on Twitter:

Carmine Sabia


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