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‘Vote Trump’ American wrestler enrages crowd and scores big in MEXICO

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trump shirtAmerican professional wrestler Brian Cage is capitalizing on Donald Trump’s controversial comments on illegal immigration to rise himself to stardom – in Mexico.

In what some might consider a very risky move, Cage donned a “Vote Trump for President” tank top when he showed up at Mexico’s largest wrestling event, “TripleMania” early this month to take on the popular Mexican star Alberto El Patron.

When Cage first came up with his Trump-embracing idea, he said it was more of a joke. Until he realized it’d be good for business.

Cage admitted the thought of being shot did go through his head, but apparently, the risk was worth it.

Even losing scores of Twitter followers didn’t bother Cage. It meant he was getting a reaction.

“When you can have a real emotion, whether it be positive or negative, then that’s always an amazing accomplishment,” Cage said.

Cage has since gone full-bore on “Trumpmania” and is catapulting himself to becoming public enemy No. 1 within the world of Mexican wrestling.

“I ended all my promos saying the same tagline of ‘Making America Great Again’ or ‘Just like Donald Trump, Brian Cage is Making America Great Again,” Cage said on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.

Cage said because “Trump is a character himself,” using his provocative comments and taglines makes perfect sense for the over-the-top promotional style in professional wrestling.

Cage didn’t comment on his personal feeling about Trump, and said it was irrelevant to what he was trying to accomplish.

“If I’m getting that much heat and people are talking about it and are pissed off, well then you are doing something right.”

What should come as no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with the wrestling world’s rigged matches, Cage “lost” while wearing the Trump shirt — a small price to pay for fame and fortune.

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