Trump schools CNN on what HE would tell pope about Muslim killers — and capitalism

donald-topperCapitalism isn’t the Vatican’s real problem, no matter how much liberals try to pretend it is.

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to make up an imaginary conversation for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump Wednesday, quoting Pope Francis calling the economic freedom of capitalism “toxic,” Trump quickly set him straight.

“ISIS wants to get you,” Trump said he’d tell the pontiff, noting that the terrorist killers have threatened repeatedly to march on Vatican City.

The billionaire businessman also pointed out that “capitalism,” as it’s currently practiced under the Obama administration, isn’t really being practiced at all, it’s the crony capitalism of the hyper-regulated state.

“They better hope that capitalism works,” he said. “It is the only thing we have right now. It is a great thing when it works properly.”

He added that, “I don’t think he’s opposed to capitalism, by the way.”


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