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Sheriff Clarke rips ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters with a whole new name — and it’s dead on

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke cut straight to the heart of the matter on Fox News’ “Hannity” Wednesday over the tense encounter Hillary Clinton recently had with protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Hillary, meet Frankenstein,” Clarke began.

Clarke said liberals helped create the “Black Lives Matter” movement to mobilize the black vote for the 2016 election, but are no longer in control.

“Now they realize that if you cannot continue to feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you. And that’s what’s going on here,” Clarke said.

BLM protesters confronted Hillary Clinton along the campaign trail, accusing her of flip-flopping on issues like prison sentencing.

During the tense exchange, one protester told Clinton that America’s problems stem from a “white problem of violence.”

Instead of pushing back, Clinton appeased the protester – something Clarke believes she and other liberals will likely regret.

“If black lives really mattered, they’d be protesting all of the black-on-black crime,” Clarke said. “If they really cared about black lives, that’s what they’d be protesting.”

Clarke said blacks are victims to the Democrat party and to “what modern liberalism has done to the black family.”

Clarke maintained that the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” premise that the movement was built upon is a lie.

For that, Clarke said, he has renamed the group: “Black Lies Matter.”


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