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Purse snatcher NAILED by good Samaritans — and his victim gets her SAY

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A tense moment where the victim of a purse snatching confronted the culprit who had just robbed her was captured on video, and the encounter proved to be emotional for all involved.

It all began when Ezell A. Graham, 31, snatched a purse and a box of donuts from Tempra Mosley at a Nashville gas station, according to The Tennessean.

But the ill-fated crook didn’t get too far.

The Tennessean reported:

After taking the items, police said Graham attempted to run back to his car, a silver Acura with a temporary tag, but several people in the parking lot and the victim chased Graham, caught him and held him down until police arrived.

A video taken by the victim shows several men holding the suspect down inside the Acura.


Bystanders held Graham by his arms as he sat in the car — one arm extended out each front window.

That’s when Mosley approached him.

“Sir, don’t ever do that again,” a distraught Mosley is heard saying. “In the name of Jesus you don’t have to do that, if you had asked me for anything I would have helped you.”

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“I’m sorry,” Graham replied while sobbing. “I won’t do this no more.”

But the likelihood of this being his last caper is not high. Graham is suspected of being involved in at least four other robberies in the Nashville area.

And his remorse subsided somewhat once police arrived — a handcuffed Graham tried unsuccessfully to climb out of the back of a patrol car and then tried to kick out one of the car’s windows, police said.

#VIRAL This was the intense scene at a Tiger market here in Tennessee after a suspect robbed a woman and was captured by three men.FULL STORY—> http://murfreesboro101.com/good-samaritans-restrain-accused-robber-west-nashville-gas-station/

Posted by Williamson County News on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tom Tillison


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