Legal immigrant who followed the rules LASHES OUT at city that appointed illegals to power

hasselbeck-rivera-topperA California city council got an earful this week over the appointment of two illegal immigrants to city commission positions — especially from one who waited in line and jumped through hoops to legally immigrate here.

“There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way,” legal immigrant Francisco Rivera told Huntington Park council members.

“People shouldn’t get rewarded for doing the wrong thing. It’s not fair for guys like me and for other people as well,” he said.

Adding to the outrage, the appointments were seen more as an exercise in cronyism than merit-based. Both appointees worked on the campaign of Jhonny Pineda. Pineda was the one who appointed them.

Chanell Temple, an African-American woman who claimed to support GOP presidential contender Donald Trump’s immigration policy, also expressed her outrage at the meeting. She was particularly disgusted by someone’s comparison of illegal immigrants to slaves.

“My people commit a crime they go to jail. Their people commit a crime, they get amnesty,” Temple said.

Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, who was guest hosting on “The Kelly File” Wednesday, that federal law prohibits the city from paying the illegal immigrants.

“Then again, federal law says they’re not supposed to be here,” he added.

Watch the clip, via Fox News.

Rivera also appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and told co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck that the idea of amnesty is wrong.

“It’s kind of like if somebody cuts in line in front of you,” he said. “It’s just not right.”

Rivera said he supports Trump’s position on so-called “anchor babies” — those who are born in the United States to illegal immigrants who are automatically granted U.S. citizenship.

“I think it was about time that somebody would literally stand up and say that,” said Rivera.

Watch the interview below, via Fox News.


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