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Can a couple’s political party predict how happy their marriage will be?

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To judge by the mainstream media this year, the Democrat Party thinks it knows all about marriage — gay and otherwise — but as usual looks are deceiving.

A new study published by the Institute for Family Studies suggests that Republicans tend to be more happily married than Democrats and Independents nationwide.

GOP familyUniversity of Virginia Professor W. Bradford Wilcox has long suggested that “red states” are more conducive to stable two-parent families, according to the New York Times. But his most recent study goes one step further by showing that even within similar demographics, Republicans are inclined to view their marriages more favorably than Democrats.

Using data from the often studied General Social Survey, Wilcox and University of Utah Professor Nicholas H. Wolfinger found that 67 percent of Republicans who are between the ages of 20 and 67 consider themselves “very happy” in their marriages. Only about 60 percent of Democrats and Independents were able to describe their marital status the same way.

Of course this isn’t terribly shocking news. After all, Democrats are the ones who keep saying marriage is just a word, while Republicans tend to defend the institution as more than just two people in love, living together.

According to the pair of sociologists, part of this gap in marital bliss can also be explained by the way members from the Republican Party look at life in general.

“Perhaps Republicans are more optimistic, more charitable or more inclined to look at their marriages through rose-colored glasses,” Wolfinger and Bradford wrote.

Using Wilcox’s findings as a guide, maybe this means it could be safe to assume Republicans will be less impacted by the recent hack that exposed clients of the adultery website, Ashley Madison.

See? There’s that Republican optimism again.

Michael Schaus


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