BULL’S-EYE! Gun maker’s social media swipe at Hillary’s emails is on target — and funny!

The nation’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington, took a social media swipe – with a wipe – at Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton over her growing email debacle on Wednesday.

Clinton has made a public spectacle of herself trying miserably to make jokes about the escalating scandal.

So, Remington decided to help her out and made her pathetically timed “joke” about wiping her server “with a cloth, or something” actually funny.

At least gun enthusiasts who appreciate a clean firearm thought it was funny, and were eager to get in on the good, clean, fun:

Good point.

Remington may see a spike in business thanks to its clever tweet:

It sure does – when it’s actually funny.

H/T: Daily Caller.


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