Mama mia! ‘Racist’ pizza in NYC comes with side of OUTRAGE

If you didn’t think pizza could be racist, you haven’t been paying attention in the “post-racial” Age of Obama.

A New York pizzeria, Pizza by Certé, came up with what seemed like a great idea — a pie themed after a picnic.

Called the “Pic-a-nika,” it featured ingredients you’d expect to find at a picnic, things like fried chicken, watermelon and sunflower seeds, according to AOL News. The name is play on the word “picnic,” with an Italian accent.

Macon business took down Confederate flag, and put THIS up to make a point

But in a hyper-sensitive world, some claim it sounded too close to the “n-word.”

And that was a bit too much for the politically correct race agitators at Millions March NYC, who began protesting the business in an effort to get it shut down.

Employing tactics commonplace with the increasingly violent #BlackLivesMatter movement, activists used intimidation and threats to make life tough on the pizzeria.

Being in no position to take a stand, the pizzeria capitulated and discontinued the pie, and posted this apology on its Facebook page:

After a great deal of listening and learning, we now understand the severe offense this pizza represents. We have…

Posted by Pizza by Certé on Saturday, August 15, 2015


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