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Hillary shrugs! Wiping server question a big joke: ‘Like with a cloth or something?’

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Hillary Clinton mined some pure comedy gold–she was trying to be serious–in her reaction to a reporter’s persistent questions about her email server.

During Tuesday’s town hall in North Las Vegas, Fox News senior White House correspondent Ed Henry began a line of questioning on the email server, asking “Did you try to wipe — so there would be no email, no personal, no official — wipe the whole thing?”

Clinton’s reaction is priceless: a shrug.

Emails are her “personal business,” she said (but also being investigated by the FBI).

Henry persisted, asking two more times as Clinton attempted to dodge the question.  “You were the official in charge,” he said.  “Did you wipe the server?”

Like with a cloth or something?” Hillary replied.

If this act played on the Vegas strip, the bit would have ended with a rim shot.

Watch the whole exchange below:

Steve Berman


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