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Heidi Klum still SMOKING HOT at Donald Trump; need proof?

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heidiklum0819newSupermodel Heidi Klum wants the world to know she’s still smoking hot — and not just steamed at Donald Trump.

And an Instagram video Klum posted this week, showing the 42-year-old modeling lingerie, should make the point pretty clear.

After “the Donald” took a swipe at Klum in Sunday’s New York Times, declaring Klum is no longer a “10,” Klum fired back with a video guaranteed to not only prove Trump wrong, but get a laugh out of the viewers in the process.

On “Access Hollywood” Tuesday, though, she sounded like she was deadly serious about Trump’s attitude toward women.

“I was just making light of the whole situation,” she said in an interview. “But, really, the entire situation is not really funny … I mean, we do so many things. In my book, every woman is a ’10.’”

collageheidiklum0819Here’s an excerpt of her interview with “Access Hollywood” from Wednesday’s “Today” show. The Instagram video is below it.

“The Donald” might have lost this one.



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