FBI gets closer to Hillary takedown; sources say server WAS wiped, but not good enough

clinton3While Hillary Clinton threatened to put stand-up comedians out of work on Tuesday when she denied any knowledge of the hard drive on her private email server being wiped, sources say an “attempt” was made.

But it get’s worse for the Democratic presidential contender as federal agents are confident that data can still be recovered.

According to NBC News, two sources “with direct knowledge of the process” said the FBI acknowledged an attempt was made to clear the server of all information.

One of the sources said of the data that the FBI “will try to figure what’s there, how it got there and who put it there.”

NBC reporter Tom Winter posted the breaking news on social media:

Meanwhile, when asked at a press conference Tuesday if she had wiped the server, Clinton replied, “With a cloth?”

Social media users weren’t laughing though, with one noting that the Clintons are “no better wiping drives than they are at cleaning blue dresses.”

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Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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