Coulter hates Fiorina ‘with hot, hot hate of 1,000 suns,’ but why?

Ann Coulter is no fan of Carly Fiorina since the 2016 Republican presidential candidate disagreed with Donald Trump’s plan to revoke birthright citizenship.

The outspoken conservative author and pundit appeared on “The Mike Gallagher Show” Tuesday and said she hates Fiorina with the “hot, hot hate of 1,000 suns,” because the former Hewlett Packard CEO was not on board with Trump’s plan to deport “anchor babies.”

She also blasted what she called “affirmative action among Republicans” for promoting Fiorina simply because she is a woman.

“I admit I was suspicious because I hate this, ‘Oh, a woman can talk, oh, isn’t that great?’” she said.

“Look Republicans, you’re very sweet people, I love that you’re trying to promote someone because, ‘whoa, it’s a woman,’ but women can talk, it’s really not breaking news,” she said.

Coulter explained that she couldn’t support a candidate like Fiorina who doesn’t understand that the 14th Amendment was about freed slaves and that using it to allow the babies of illegal aliens to become citizens because they were born on American soil is a perversion of its intention.

Carmine Sabia


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