Caught on video: Store owner turns the tables on armed robber, and the result is priceless

Two armed men who tried to rob a South Florida auto parts store got more than they bargained for when the owner wrestled the gun from one […]

O’Reilly gets caught in Coulter’s crosshairs: ‘Good God He’s Stupid’

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter is going to war in defense of Donald Trump’s plan to get rid of birthright citizenship. First on her target list was Republican […]

Robert F Kennedy Jr. tells daughter to clean up her raunchy Instagram account

Even for being a Kennedy, she’s just a little too risqué. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is apparently less than pleased with his 19-year-old daughter’s party-hard lifestyle being […]

Dad hits back at critics after pictures of his son hunting went viral

Leftists care more about one lion than they do about millions of aborted babies. A father who shared pictures of his two young sons on their first […]

Breathtaking photo captured rare and gorgeous fire rainbow in South Carolina

A gorgeous — and almost unheard of — fire rainbow was caught on camera in the skies over South Carolina on Sunday, and the results are spectacular. […]

‘Old Dixie Hwy’ suddenly ‘offensive’; proposed change to ‘Barack Obama Hwy’ sending Floridians over the edge!

UPDATE: The Riviera Beach City Council approved the name change Wednesday night by a 4-1 vote. To take effect, the name change must still be approved by […]

Pelosi visits Amazon to rescue employees from horrible company practices: ‘they won’t be taking place anymore’

Nancy Pelosi is doing what California Democrats do best – telling private companies how they should run their business. Following a bruising attack piece in The New York […]

‘Black’ activist really white? Black Lives Matter leader fools Oprah Winfrey

Call it “Rachel Dolezal: The Sequel” … only from a male perspective. A self-proclaimed biracial author and prominent leader in the Black Lives Matter movement appears to be […]

‘Eek!’ New video shows how easy it is for a rat to wiggle up your toilet pipe

A new and icky video showing how easy it is for rats to get into a home is sweeping the Internet, and people are freaking out. The […]

Oops! Auto-correct text leads to amusing birthday cake mistake: ‘Hope no one is offended’

A Scottish mom’s text to a baker led to a hilarious birthday cake mistake for her daughter that had people on social media roaring with laughter. The mother […]

Heidi Klum still SMOKING HOT at Donald Trump; need proof?

Supermodel Heidi Klum wants the world to know she’s still smoking hot — and not just steamed at Donald Trump. And an Instagram video Klum posted this […]

For your amusement: How many GOP candidates can you name?

A new video circulating the web shows how little Americans know about who is running for the Republican presidential nomination. The video, produced by MRCTV, showed most […]

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