Sick, disturbing Scott Walker picture drawing outrage on Facebook

A Wisconsin woman is getting a lot of flack for posting a disturbing picture of a decapitated Gov. Scott Walker in a pro-environment Facebook group.

Although the group, “Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park,” explicitly states in its rules that it “is not a forum for angry, violent or confrontational acts against people or property,” no one has removed the exceedingly violent picture.

Scott Walker Picture Facebook

In a day and age where the Islamic State continues to behead Christians and non-believers, the idea that an American would post a picture of a beheaded American politician is unfathomable.

The original poster commented that she found the picture “thought provoking” but, judging by her fellow environmentalists’ response, all she provoked was anger.

Anti 1

Anti 2

Anti 3

Anti 4

Anti 5

Anti 6

Still there were those who thought the picture was great.

Pro 2

Pro 1

Yes, if you don’t want to live in peace and harmony, good ole Gim wants to cut your head off.

What says peace and harmony more than that?

h/t: IJReview.


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