‘She’s in labor man!’ Police pull over car, end up delivering baby – dashcam captures drama

The unidentified dad with his newborn via the Seattle Police Department.
The unidentified dad with his newborn via the Seattle Police Department.

A special kind of police dashcam video showed police catching someone they didn’t expect.

Seattle police Officer Anthony Reynolds pulled over a car he noticed speeding and running red light about 3:45 a.m. Sunday, but when the car stopped the driver jumped out and shouted that his wife was in labor, NBC News reported.

Reynolds called for an ambulance, but the baby decided she waited long enough and made her way into the world before paramedics arrived.

In a statement, the Seattle police department explained that not only did Officer Reynolds help deliver the baby girl, he saved her life.

“After first giving a full-throated cry as she burst into the world, the young girl began struggling to breathe,” the statement read. “With the help of the child’s mother, Officer Reynolds cleared the baby’s airway and got her breathing again.”

The unidentified couple wrote a letter of thanks to the department.

“You have helped deliver a precious gift,” they wrote. “We are so grateful.”

Watch the entire video below.


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