Obsessed men are flocking to McDonald’s in Taiwan just to see this woman’s perfect face

They’re lovin’ it!

An employee at a Taiwan McDonald’s whose beauty caught the eyes of men in her home country is getting plenty of attention globally as her image spreads over the Internet.

Wei Han Xu, who has been dubbed the “McDonald’s goddess,” came to fame after a blogger named RainDog posted pictures of her to his blog.

Soon after, men were flocking to the restaurant in the Da’an District of Taipei City to get a look at the woman who resembles a porcelain doll come to life.


The woman also known as Weiwei has even appeared on several game shows since her rise to fame began, Mashable reported.

But not everyone is happy with her new found fame, according to Rocket News.


Weiwei once mentioned on a variety show that her online fame has indeed brought in more customers to her workplace, but her manager isn’t too happy about the buzz because many of these fans tend to crowd at the counter trying to talk to or snap photos of her, and if she’s not on duty they end up leaving without making a purchase.


If you aren’t going to Taiwan any time soon but still want to follow the beauty, check out her Facebook and Instagram.

Weiwei has plenty of fans in social media, of course …

… But there are killjoys too.

Hey, Jonas, do us all a favor and lighten up.


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