Explosive moments on ‘Dr. Drew’: Ex-cop goes off over panel ‘advocating shooting at police’

retired officerA retired cop was ready Monday night on the “Dr. Drew” show when an audience member warned “it’s only a matter of time before the people start shooting at the police” — and blamed cops for actually inciting anti-police attacks.

The threatening talk started while panelists on the HLN show were discussing the case of Zachary Hammond, a white teen who was fatally shot by police during a drug sting operation in South Carolina last month.

“It’s only a matter of time before the people start shooting at police like they’re shooting at us,” the man said from the audience. “It’s like they don’t realize that they are kind of starting a revolution.”

Guest panelist and retired New York Police Department officer John Cardillo didn’t appreciate that sentiment.

“If you shoot at me and I’m a cop, I’m going to shoot back,” he said, “And 35,000 other NYPD guys are going to hunt you down.”

Cardillo went on to say the audience member had a “felonious, criminal,” and “disgraceful attitude.”.

“It’s reprehensible,” he added.

Cardillo drew a pointed counterattack from attorney Areva Martin, a fellow panelist.

“You’re response is reprehensible,” she repeated over the retired officer.


She said Cardillo is supposed to be professional and said he and all police need to be “above reproach.”

“You’re advocating shooting at police!” Cardillo charged.

“I have not advocated shooting at police,” Martin shot back. “That is absolutely false. I said your comment was as reprehensible — do you understand English?”

H/T: The Blaze


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