Donald Trump takes swipe at supermodel Heidi Klum, but this woman fights back!

Donald Trump tried to tone down what some consider to be misogynistic rhetoric in a recent New York Times interview, but fell short of pleasing his critics.

The Republican presidential contender told columnist Maureen Dowd last week that he finds women “to be amazing.”

But he couldn’t leave it there.

“Sometimes I do go a little bit too far,” he confessed. “Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”

It didn’t take long for supermodel Klum to get wind of Trump’s dig. Instead of getting mad, she got even by poking fun not only at Trump, but at herself, and the silly statement.

In a tweet that took off over social media on Monday, Klum let Trump know that she’s doing just fine, even if she’s just a “9.99.”

To say reactions were mixed over the social spat, is an understatment.

Maybe not necessary… but certainly great for business.

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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135 thoughts on “Donald Trump takes swipe at supermodel Heidi Klum, but this woman fights back!

  1. Mex Seiko says:

    I agree with Trump 100%. No one stays 10 forever. He himself doesn’t have the looks he had 25 years ago. But I no one needs his assessment of women, regardless of their looks.

  2. True Conservative American says:

    You say one should take the high road but you have several times now inferred that Selling The Second is a wifebeater. Why is it ok for you but horrific for others to attack. Hypocritical liberal tactic. Just an observation

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