Dana Perino, Jesse Watters get in hot battle over Trump’s immigration ideas

Jesse Watters Donald TrumpFox News’ Dana Perino and Jesse Watters went head to head Monday in a battle over Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

Perrino, who does not agree with Trump’s idea to revoke birthright citizenship and President Obama’s DREAM Act, called Trump’s plan “totally unworkable and impractical” saying it would never happen, on Monday’s edition of Fox News’ “The Five.”

Perino told Watters and fellow cohost Tim Shilue that she’d like to see them go “round up” the families of illegal aliens born in America and force them out of the country because she doesn’t want “any federal government employee to have to do what is so asinine.”

Watters argued that Trump is saying what Americans want to hear even though he knows it can never happen, but that “lip service” is normal for a politician on the campaign trail.

Watters said he liked 75 percent of Trump’s plan and had an idea of his own to add to it.

“Maybe the illegal alien families build the wall, then when the wall is finished then they get amnesty,” he said. “That’s called earned amnesty.”

The action starts at the 3:14 mark.

Carmine Sabia


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