Chuck Todd: The letters ‘F-B-I’ changed everything in Hillary story

chucktodd0818MSNBC had political pundit Chuck Todd on “Morning Joe” Tuesday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s not-so-funny Snapchat jokes regarding her poorly executed “alleged” email cover-up.

And no one was laughing – even at the ultra-liberal MSNBC.

According to Todd, three little letters changed everything for Clinton … FBI.

“This is the difference between us in Washington and New York saying, and her effectively a month ago, being able to say this is you guys in the media that care about this, [and] voters don’t,” the “Meet the Press” moderator explained.

“That was true a month ago,” he said.

After talking with Democrats in Iowa over the weekend, Todd said he noticed a remarkable difference in voter’s concern over the scandal after the Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved.

“When I was talking to Democrats out there, and not just Democrats who want a job, Democrats who just simply are voting and taking their kids to the fair.

“The letters F-B-I is what changed this story.”


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