Chuck Todd: The letters ‘F-B-I’ changed everything in Hillary story

MSNBC had political pundit Chuck Todd on “Morning Joe” Tuesday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s not-so-funny Snapchat jokes regarding her poorly executed “alleged” email cover-up. And no one […]

Liberal colleagues seek to punish city councilman for ‘official’ email criticizing gay marriage

A California city councilman faced the wrath of his liberal colleagues over an email they say crossed the line. A fellow councilman called for the censure of  Newport […]

Even MSNBC’s Mika couldn’t stomach Hillary: ‘Stop thinking the American people are so stupid’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski has had about all she can take of Hillary Clinton. The “Morning Joe” show co-host shredded the former secretary of state on Tuesday for repeatedly […]

Rosie O’Donnell reports missing daughter to police; why isn’t everybody sympathetic?

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell asking for the public and police help to find her daughter. The 17-year-old Chelsea has been missing since leaving the family’s home in New […]

Obsessed men are flocking to McDonald’s in Taiwan just to see this woman’s perfect face

They’re lovin’ it! An employee at a Taiwan McDonald’s whose beauty caught the eyes of men in her home country is getting plenty of attention globally as […]

Hilarious real video: Thieves enter store with a knife, get chased out with a sword!

A Pittsburgh convenience store clerk didn’t just bring a knife to a knife fight with two punks trying to hold him up — he brought a sword. […]

Gotta give it to Trump, he’s leaving Obama in the dust at THIS game by about 60K

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is not only a Republican contender for president, he’s also a social media phenomenon. Leaving his Republican contenders in the dust, Trump […]

‘She’s in labor man!’ Police pull over car, end up delivering baby – dashcam captures drama

A special kind of police dashcam video showed police catching someone they didn’t expect. Seattle police Officer Anthony Reynolds pulled over a car he noticed speeding and […]

Explosive moments on ‘Dr. Drew’: Ex-cop goes off over panel ‘advocating shooting at police’

A retired cop was ready Monday night on the “Dr. Drew” show when an audience member warned “it’s only a matter of time before the people start […]

Dana Perino, Jesse Watters get in hot battle over Trump’s immigration ideas

Fox News’ Dana Perino and Jesse Watters went head to head Monday in a battle over Donald Trump’s immigration plan. Perrino, who does not agree with Trump’s idea […]

THIS T-shirt offended singer so much, he offered fan $100 to LEAVE concert


Judge Nap tells which part of Trump’s immigration plan is NOT constitutional

There are parts of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s newly unveiled immigration plan that don’t quite work with the Constitution, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. Speaking to […]