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What did I do that Hillary didn’t do? Hero Marine punished for sending classified email to save lives

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kilmeadeA Marine who tried to save his comrades’ lives by sending classified information over a private server is fighting to rescue his career after being prosecuted for same thing Hillary Clinton has done.

But she’s still free to run for president.

At last count, investigators have identified at least 60 emails containing classified information Hillary sent or received during her tenure as secretary of state — yet not only is she free as a bird, but she’s her party’s forbidding favorite for the country’s highest office.

Compare that to the case of Jason Brezler, a heroic U.S. Marine officer who sent two emails deemed classified to his unit in Afghanistan — at his comrades’ request — warning them of the danger posed by a corrupt local chief of police known to bring teenage boys onto the base for sex.

The Marines didn’t act on the information. In August, 2012, several days after Brezler sent the emails, three Marines were shot to death by one of the teens that same chief of police brought onto the base.

It wasn’t until Brezler contacted Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican about the incident, that the Marine Corps brought him up on a trumped-up charge of sending classified information through a private server.

Sound familiar?

Brezler was drummed out of the Marine Corps as a result.

Gregory Buckley Jr. is one of those Marines murdered, and his father has filed a lawsuit against the government demanding answers.

Greg Buckley Sr. told “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade that it’s been a frustrating three years since his son’s death, and his thoughts are on Brezler’s plight.

“Right now, I just want Jason to be re-enlisted back into the Marine Corps,” he said.

“He doesn’t need a dishonorable discharge. He’s a hero as far as I’m concerned, he just tried top save my son’s life.”

Buckley’s attorney, Michael Bowe, agreed.

“Whoever ignored those [Brezler’s] warnings has never been held accountable,” he said. “But instead they spent three years trying to destroy his career.”

Watch the exchange, via Fox News.


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